Do More

Every single thing we do adheres to a simple standard: excellence. But what makes our particular brand of medicine special is the level of personalization and breadth of advanced services your pet will now have access to. Your pet is unique; with their own health needs, risk factors, and optimal treatment plan. We take the time to understand them. To see them with fresh eyes. And then we educate you about their needs as an individual. It means a clear plan for smart preventive care. It means incorporating cutting edge medicine when appropriate, like stem cell therapy. It means the longest, happiest life possible for your pet. Because when it comes to the one you love, we would never dream of anything less.

Care more

Your pet means everything to you. That means everything to us. That is why we do everything we can to make a difference in the life you share. In showing you kindness in every interaction. In creating a sense, a confidence, that we are always by your side, looking out for you both. In doing the little things that make your lives easier or better. In always putting the both of you first. After all, the only one who cares more about your pet than us… is you.

Love. Trust. Care.

Dr. Shannon and her staff are wonderful! She’s a great vet and has cared for my pets for years. Right now I have a dog with heart issues and a cat with cancer and I know they are getting the best possible care. I always recommend this clinic if anyone asks for a great vet. (I just wish she took human patients!)


I would trust my pets with no other Veterinary Clinic than Cherry Knolls. Highly qualified, AHAA certified, and an overall outstanding experience.


We would like to thank Cherry Knolls Veterinary Clinic and its staff for taking care of our pets through the years. They really went out of their way to take care of one of our dogs when everybody had given up on him. They not only really love the animals you bring in but they also show a lot of compassion for the owners.