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Puppy FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions About Puppies

If you are the proud new owner of a puppy, it is likely you have several questions pertaining to the care of your new pet. One step to take after getting a puppy is to make an appointment at Cherry Knolls Veterinary Clinic to make an appointment with our veterinarian in Centennial. Here are some frequently asked questions about puppies and how our Centennial vet helps them to grow into healthy dogs.

What Happens At A Puppy's First Veterinarian Visit?

Our Centennial vet will take your puppy's vital signs and find out about any history with its health. If a stool sample is brought to the appointment, it will be tested for the presence of intestinal parasites. An examination is administered to check for medical conditions that require intervention. If your puppy is healthy, their first round of immunizations may be administered at this time. Parasite prevention may also be prescribed if desired. Our vet will also discuss spaying and neutering.

When Can Training A Puppy Begin?

Puppies require training so they do not grow up exhibiting poor behavior. There is no need to wait to start training your puppy. Praise your pet when it listens or performs to your liking. If your puppy does an action that you do not wish to continue, firmly say "no" and do not reach out to offer the puppy affection for a minute or so. Giving your puppy positive reinforcement when listening to your requests is an effective way to obtain repeat behavior.

What Do I Need To Do To Groom My Puppy?

It is a wise idea to start grooming sessions with your puppy at a young age. This will get them used to the procedures necessary to keep them clean and healthy. Keep sessions short and increase the duration as your puppy learns to enjoy the pampering you provide. Trim your puppy's nails, brush their coat, and bathe them regularly.

Contact Our Cherry Knolls Veterinary Clinic Today!

Call Cherry Knolls Veterinary Clinic to make an appointment for a checkup. Our practice enjoys helping puppies grow into healthy dogs. Call us at (303) 779-1170.

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